The Council undertakes a number of initiatives alongside other groups or individuals in the Faculty of Forestry and outside the Faculty. Three initiatives currently underway are:

Virtual Lunch in the Forest: The Faculty of Forestry is hosting a series of online webinars that discuss forestry topics through the lens of equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism. These one hour conversation are moderated by the EDI coordinator and organization of the series is supported by the EDI Council and the Associate Dean, EDI. More information on the Virtual Lunch in the Forest Series can be found here.

Forest(Reads): The EDI Council has partnered with the Associate Dean, Academic (Prof. Rob Kozak) to develop the Forest(Reads) Initiative. Each year we will have a different book that is chosen to spark conversations within the Forestry community on important topics. This year’s book is “Braiding Sweetgrass” by Prof. Robin Wall Kimmerer.  Members of the UBC Faculty of Forestry community wishing to participate in Forest(Reads) can visit our Canvas site.  We have also partnered with the Woodward Science Library and the Xwi7xwa Library to have Prof. Kimmerer speak to the UBC community. Further general information on this year’s Forest(Reads) is here.

EDI and Anti-Racism Survey: The EDI Council, the Diversity Crew, the Associate Deans, Academic and EDI invite you to participate in a short 3 question survey on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism in the Faculty of Forestry. Please look for a link to the survey in the Forestry weekly newsletter and in emails sent out to Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni. We appreciate your time and effort.